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Hybrid Cloud

What is Hipex Hybrid Cloud and how can I benefit from it?


Hipex Hybrid Cloud enables you to run your applications on both your dedicated resources (servers / clusters) and in the Hipex Cloud. It combines the best of both worlds: the performance of dedicated hardware, and the scalability of the cloud.

With auto-scaling turned on, you'll even better prepare your applications and servers for expected as well as unexpected periods of higher than usual traffic and load.

Going from a dedicated hosting setup to a hybrid cloud setup involves the following:

Dedicated hosting setup
CI/CD with Hipex Deploy
Upgraded CI/CD with Docker images
Activated auto scaling

With this guide, we'll walk you through the required steps to successfully upgrade your dedicated hosting (server or cluster) setup to a hybrid cloud setup.

Setting up Hybrid Cloud

Before you can make use of Hybrid Cloud, your project needs to be ready for it. This involves the following process:

Setup CI-system
Setup CI/CD with Hipex Deploy
Add platform configs
Docker image build step

You can use the following steps in order to make your project "Hybrid Cloud Ready".

Hybrid Cloud activation

When your project is Hybrid Cloud ready, you can send our support team a request to activate Hybrid Cloud for your project. After activation, you can manage your auto-scaling settings directly from the Pack Hosting Panel.