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Manage PHP variables

How can I manage my PHP variables at Hipex?

At Hipex, the value of the PHP variables is being managed by the platform by default. Of course, we offer you the possibility to adjust this to the desired value for your application. In this article, we explain to you how to adjust the value of these variables to your own wishes.

The file .user.ini

The file .user.ini is a file that can be enabled in your application to change the values of some PHP variables yourself. In most cases, this is enabled by default, however it is also possible to enable it yourself.

Here you can create or edit the following file in the public_html of the application:

vi .user.ini

In this file, the following lines can be added for example:

memory_limit = 756M
max_execution_time = 120
max_input_vars = 4000

After adding the file, PHP does not have to be restarted and the adjusted values will be enabled directly.

Please note!: setting these values too high may cause problems with the performance/resources of your application and / or server

What variables can be adjusted?

On this page can be found what PHP variables can be adjusted in the .user.ini. All variables with the changeable PHP_INI_ALL can be adjusted in here.