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Our customer database expands by the week. We get many requests from web shops that are curious about what Hipex has to offer. All these shops have had experiences with fellow hosting companies and see reasons to consider switching. The most common reasons are persistent performance issues, not being able to reach the ultimate performance, lack of knowledge or limitations on marketing tooling. By now, we are suitably familiar with diverse Dutch (Magento) hosting companies, some of which use Amazon or rather AWS. With Maxilia we have a shop that, until 2 months ago, housed everything at Amazon (AWS) and was curious about the possibilities we offered.


Who is Maxilia?

Maxilia is a large online player in the promotion product branch. They combine the highest degree of service level with the best prices. Maxilia has more than 50 web shops and is very active in the Benelux and is now one of the online giants in the German market. Maxilia runs on a self-developed application and has a large internal capacity for development. Aside from the sale of promotion products, Maxilia has everything to provide these products with the right prints. Whether it’s pens, USB sticks or company clothing, at Maxilia every client is treated like a king. The growing team of specialists has been good friends with high performance hosting expert Hipex for a while and has the ambition to resolutely break all performance records. This is how the idea originated to test Maxilia on our hosting platform and expose the differences with Amazon (AWS). Now, we can state that is was the right choice.

Drawbacks of butt hosting

Het concept van butt hosting is niet per definitie slecht en er zijn zeker cases te bedenken waarbij het een serieuze optie is. Het product is opvallend eenvoudig schaalbaar en verhoogt efficiëntie op het gebied van beheer en onderhoud voor tal van applicaties. Denk hierbij aan Uber, Facebook, Instagram of AirBNB. Stuk voor stuk platformen met gebruikersaantallen waar menigeen duizelig van wordt. Om op dat niveau ongelimiteerd te kunnen schalen is het absoluut noodzakelijk om performance op een hoog niveau te kunnen houden.

“Maar geldt dit ook voor de meeste webshops?”

The concept of butt hosting isn’t intrinsically bad and there are cases where it’s a serious option. The product is remarkably scalable and increases efficiency in regards to management and maintenance for a number of applications. Think of Uber, Facebook, Instagram or AirBNB. Piece by piece platforms with numbers of users that would make many people dizzy. To scale unlimitedly on that level, it’s absolutely necessary to keep performance on a high level.

“But does this apply to most web shops?”

The answer is no. This is because the pros do not outweigh the cons. We will clearly outline the two biggest disadvantages:

  • Extremely high costs
  • Never the maximum performance

We have explicitly researched how the difference in price between butt hosting and physical hardware came to be. Butt hosting turns out to be 45% more expensive in regards to a set-up without virtual layer in which the physical hardware is used more efficiently. If you want to use the exact same resources in both environments, you will have to buy a lot more resources at Amazon (AWS). You can imagine that this difference increases significantly in cluster set-ups.

That you have to pay a fortune as a web shop is one thing and can be lived with if the performance is of unprecedented level. Once again, we compared our solution to Amazon (AWS) and use Maxilia as an example. For Maxilia, there have already been multiple Magento web shops that switched from Amazon (AWS) to Hipex. The web shop with the least improvement at Hipex in comparison to Amazon (AWS) more than doubled in performance! The web shop worked at the same speed with lower costs!

“Does Amazon (AWS) offer a better performance than physical hardware?”

The answer is once again no. The differences in performances were so plausibly large that Maxilia’s web shop on the Hipex platform became three times as fast. And that while not a letter of code has been edited and only a copy has been placed on our platform. The image below shows the biggest difference between both.

Now back to Maxilia. At Hipex, we enjoy supporting out stories with facts. That is why we like to make the differences in performance between Hipex and Amazon (AWS) transparent so everyone can see Hipex’s added value in comparison to Amazon (AWS).

Loading times

Category page

Voor migratie | 0.2063s
Na migratie | 0.0671s

Filtering products

Voor migratie | 2.3434s
Na migratie | 1.2944s


Voor migratie | 2.6591s
Na migratie | 1.322s

As seen above, the differences at Maxilia can easily be called huge. The loading times have strongly improved, the checkout become faster and the filtering on the web shop has experienced a large boost. Additionally, several employees indicate they’ve experienced differences in the back end, which have also increased productivity.

What do the performance improvements exactly yield for Maxilia?

“Quote” – Cor van Engelenhoven – owner and founder

At Maxilia, we already saw the positive influences on your growth numbers by improving our performance years ago. We increasingly notice that not just search engines but also web shop visitors become much more discerning and the standards of the online user experience are ever increasing. Completely understandable, in my opinion. When I look at my own online behaviour, I notice I also give up on slower websites more easily. And the chance I come back, plummets to almost zero.

It made us at Maxilia realise that we must always think about improving performance. We had already managed well on application level, but after some research, we found a lot could be done in regards to hosting. We were always happy with AWS and felt we had a good performance. When the first discussions about points of improvement developed internally, we almost immediately contacted Hipex. They were curious about the differences and they greatly helped us with the layout. Now the web shops are running at Hipex, we benefit from it.

We see our number of visitors slightly increase (4.5%) but they also remain active on the web shop longer. We notice a growth in the average order values (+187,-) and see our web shop is indexed better. We can’t yet state it with certainty, but we also feel we’re achieving better results organically.

Bounce rate

Before migration | 45,32%
After migration | 35,63%

Bounce rate (Mobiel)

Before migration | 62,05%
Aftermigration | 46,28%


Before migration| 27,17%
After migration | 23,55%

 The bounce percentage dropped for more than 30%! 

In short, we improved in all aspects by switching to Hipex. We even get positive reactions from regular customers that noticed our web shop got a lot faster. Even in sharing knowledge and the speed with which support issues are solved shows that Hipex wants to be the best. And we like it!

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