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Google says: do it like Hipex

Google has been insisting on it for a while: the Google Pagespeed score becomes increasingly important in their algorithm. The faster your shop, the higher your ranking. Hipex was jumping to seize this chance. We have developed a unique tool that optimises your Google Pagespeed Score fully automatically. And Google has noticed it themselves.

This week, the search engine presents a beautiful article about our work for Zitmaxx Wonen. How cool is that! The article in in English, but we hereby present the translation. We are of course very proud, but even better: take advantage of it. With our unique solution, your shop will also reach the full 100 percent in speed, mobile and desktop. And the best part is: you don’t have to do anything, the process is fully automatic.

Zitmaxx Wonen – the maximum Google Pagespeed Score fully automatically

A good user experience on the mobile channel is crucial to Zitmaxx Wonen. To increase conversion, the company decided to focus on a maximum Google Pagespeed score. The timing proved perfect: hosting company Hipex just rolled out a unique tool for the fully automatic optimisation of the scores. The result? The full 100, a resounding success.

Zitmaxx Wonen operates both offline and online. An increasingly important channel is mobile. By now, 51 percent of all web visitors view the shop on their smartphone. This has immediate effects on consumer behaviour, with the necessary challenges.

“For many people, visiting our physical store is very important”, Erik Lagas, SEA Specialist at Zitmaxx Wonen, strongly emphasises. “And mobile is the first step in this process. We inspire people online not just to immediately buy something but especially to also visit our store.”

 Mobile is often the first step in the process. We inspire people online not just to immediately buy something but especially to also visit our store.

Erik Lagas, SEA Specialist, Zitmaxx Wonen


We wants to be the first has to be the fastest

We faster site serves two goals: improving the user experience, but also higher ranking by Google. The search engine has been indicating for a while that a higher Google Pagespeed is very important to their algorithm. A focus on speed is therefore doubly justified.

A test is run quickly. Zitmaxx Wonen has their shop examined at Googles Pagespeed Insights and Test My Site. Both tool provide a realistic image of which elements score well and which cause delay. Think, for example, of images that are too large or scripts that are loaded unsynchronised.


Important but often forgotten

Zitmaxx Wonen knew enough. Time to call hosting provider Hipex with the request to pick up on the recommendations. Johan van de Pol is system engineer at Hipex. You don’t have to tell him how important speed is. “Speed is crucial for the quality of ecommerce.” Still, it’s common for Hipex to see that companies hold back in investing in this. Van de Pol: “The normal work method is that you optimise everything manually after every change to your site. That takes a lot of work. Many companies don’t invest a lot of money in this.”

“After every change, you have to optimise again. That takes a lot of work and many companies don’t invest a lot of money in this.”

– Johan van de Pol, system engineer, Hipex


Fully automatic

Hipex has now been working for a while to deal with this problem. They have set themselves an ambitious goal: to design a fully automatic solution to optimise the Google Page Speed. Zitmaxx Wonen showed up at just the right time to test the beta version. It was decided to start with the homepage. After the improvements were implemented, the Google Page Speed Score clocked the maximum attainable: 100. Test My Site showed a loading time of 3 seconds, a significant difference with the category average of 4 seconds. Erik Lagas couldn’t be happier. “Speed was the goal and we can’t get any faster than this. The difference is really huge as well. Everyone who now visits the site on their mobile has a pleasant, inspiring experience. That was the goal. We’ve made our profit.”


Note by Hipex

Our unique solution for the fully automatic optimisation of the Google Page Speed Scores is operational. The tool is scalable and can be used for both mobile and desktop. The importance is great: speed becomes increasingly important to the SEO ranking and therefore the conversion. This is the solution to attain the maximum score without effort or additional costs.

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