The year 2016: a brief summary.


Our focus has now completely shifted to the new year, but we’d still like to quickly look back on 2016. A year of extremes and many cool achievements, new clients and brilliant features. Step by step, we cast off the skin of a start-up and we’re growing towards an adult company in a heavily competing hosting market with big giants. That we put Hipex on the map is obvious, but now that we’ve tasted the potential, we keep going at breakneck speed. Just like you should expect of the fastest Magento host of Europe!

We’ve already achieved a lot in the last year”

That we told ourselves to cause a stir in the erratic Magento hosting market is known to many, but perhaps the reason is still somewhat vague. We’ve personal experienced that this old traditional market can use young blood. Hosting is an unknown phenomenon to many and we at Hipex would like to change that. We feel that we have to blow you, the new or future client, away with realised performance achievements by Hipex and bring a smile to your face when you hear about monthly rates.

We could only hope that our achievements would be noticed, but with new clients like Babypark, Expresso and Fatboy our wildest dreams really came true. From that moment, things moved fast and we’ve welcomed a lot of great new shops. Curious?

Then check, our awesome portfolio!

By now, we’ve proven that we can’t just provide added value to web shops but diverse Magento development agencies have also joined Hipex’s swiftly growing network. Early 2016, we made the first steps towards a unique hosting panel that is now renowned for its many but especially practical features. Developers love Hipex for the high level of automation. Partly because of this, the need for support is incredibly low at Hipex and we’re able to serve a large host of clients optimally with just a small group of people! A brief summary of the most commonly used features:

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Enterprise monitoring
  • Receive alerts
  • Gain insight into performance
  • Link New Relic

In 2017, the level of automation within will continue to grow and innovative and also surprising new features will be added to make work even more efficient. We properly listen to our core clients and embrace all forms of feedback that enrich our hosting panel.

Because in 2017, we will also keep focusing on our ambition to grow!”


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