Hipex forms a strong front with proven partners


A while ago, Hippex met the wondrous world that is Magento. An enthusiastic branch with a large diversity to providers and suppliers. As High performance Magento hosting specialist, we know how to get off to a great start. We realised a solid growth on all fronts. More and more web shops experience the unique power of the Hipex platform and want to use it. And we are happy about that!

Our partners form the foundation on which Hipex can build and grow

Aside from hundreds of web shops, we extensively focused on our partner network from day one. Seeing how we greatly value quality, we also expect this of our partners. We extensively focus on the performance and achievements of clients that are hosted with us by using daily performance and integration tests. Properly set up Magento shops reduce the need for support and give us the ability the use the best possible prices. We already offer the best performance and make it even more attractive by also offering the best price and quality ratio.

Partners affiliated with us guarantee quality. The collaboration is goes beyond simply managing a server. With Madia, Epartment, BigBridge, Yellowgrape, Experius, Emico, Atvise en Stijl en Vorm  Hipex has laid a strong foundation. All parties have already won their spurs and all have their own specialisations. This enables Hipex to refer their clients to reliable partners if the client requests this.

Partners hold a special place in Hipex’s heart

Hipex invests in their partner and makes an inventory of all needs. Thanks to the personal contact, the short line and the strong need to help out partners in every possible way, we’re on our way to reaching our goals. We attach great value to the opinion of our partners and it pleases us to regularly receive compliments. Not just about the always amazing performance but also about knowledge, means and willingness to help. Our help is mainly in taking over in terms of hosting but seeing how we also have much substantive knowledge of Magento, we can also provide added value in this field. If desired, there’s the opportunity to contribute to technical complex challenges seeing how we have plenty of experience in this. Of course, this is only on request and if desired on a white label basis.

New partners are also welcome at Hipex. We love to meet personally to see how we can realise the greatest added value for new clients. The principle here remains a personal approach, short lines and faster websites for the same or even lower costs. Additionally, we assume that potential new partners want the best for their own clients and want to do everything to make clients as successful as possible. Hipex doesn’t mind customised work to add diverse configurations to the platform if we can do a service to our clients that way. By intensively collaborating with the partners, we’ve able to serve all clients optimally.


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