Autoscaling with Hipex Hybrid Cloud

Genius marketing and nice discounts ensure a rising number of visitors. In practice, many visitors will visit your website at the same time. When you are not prepared for this, it may cause downtime due to overload. Wasted costs, bad reputation and no conversion. With Hipex Hybrid Cloud this is a thing of the past!

Never an overloaded platform anymore

Scaling up automatically, rapidly and without downtime at the time the available resources are not enough, is something that has to be the standard. Hipex offers web shops this certainty, combining the best performance with fully automated scaling options without having to think about it.

Trust on autoscaling

With Docker containers on a Kubernetes cluster, we run your webshop on a separate container which we can duplicate fast and easily. Based on the server load, we automatically set up new containers when needed. As a result, you temporarily receive more resources to continue to serve visitors optimally. It protects your server against overload and potential downtime so you can keep processing orders.

Flexible prices

Hipex Hybrid Cloud serves as an extra addition to your hosting environment and helps you to manage unpredicted traffic peaks well. You will pay a low, fixed amount of money for keeping available, further developing and updating Hipex Hybrid Cloud. Besides that, you pay a price per minute when Hipex Hybrid Cloud is activated.

Optimal performance

It is known that physical machines still have a better performance than a fully virtualized platform. A virtualized platform is mostly chosen because it brings many advantages regarding scalability. Hipex combines the best of both worlds and helps you to reach the best performance.

Zero-downtime deployments

A condition of using Hipex Hybrid Cloud is that you need to use Hipex deploy. Hipex deploy helps you to efficiently execute zero downtime deployments, whereby developers no longer lose time deploying code and the process is much less prone to errors.


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