Let’s Encrypt integrated on Hipex Magento platform!


We all know it by now; Let’s Encrypt. The free solution for requesting SSL-certificates. Before, this task was a thorn in the side of almost every developer or system manager. A lengthy and especially boring process. The solution has been available for a while, but only few parties worldwide use it. Especially in the Dutch market, the number of providers is rather abysmal. From now on, this will be much easier.


Wat is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt enables the free issuing of SSL certificates. The certificates are small data files that link a cryptographic key to the data of a domain in a digital manner. As soon as it is installed on a web server, the HTTPS protocol is automatically activated using gate 443. This creates a secure connection between the web server and the browser, something search engines will make mandatory.

The advantages listed

With Let’s Encrypt, SSL becomes a lot more accessible for a lot of developers and hosting companies. What’s more Let’s Encrypt is already supported by many big names. Think of parties like Mozilla, Cisco, Google and Facebook. Additionally, Microsoft Azure has entered the service into the PaaS offer and is therefore also convinced of the absolute added value. The most important advantage is that Let’s Encrypt can be the driving force behind encryption of all websites and web shops. That’s also their big mission. Everyone should be able to encrypt their website without generating costs. Every TCP/IP transaction should be secured. The popularity of Let’s Encrypt is also strongly increasing within a short time period. See image below:

How does Let’s Encrypt work on the Hipex Magento platform

Requesting SSL certificates was always a lengthy task even at Hipex. Think about the request itself, the configuration but especially the renewal process (and the fact that this must be handled in a timely manner). The most commonly used certificates are also called domain validation certificates. These certificates will be replaced by Let’s Encrypt. This enables every client to activate certificates on their own without needing help. Securing a Magento web shop is easier than ever before! We’re also excited to announce that Let’s Encrypt can now be activated on the panel in a completely automated way within four clicks of a mouse. After activating the SSL certificate in the panel, the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is automatically requested by the Hipex platform, automatically installed in a secure way and configured on the server. The principle here is to at least receive an A in the SSL test of SSL labs. Additionally, the Hipex platform also keeps track of the validity and the certificate is automatically renewed when it has almost expired. This way, the client and/or partner are completely free from any worries regarding SSL.

Setting this up is done as follows:

  • Log in on the hosting panel.
  • Navigate to “edit domain” on the homepage.
  • Select Let’s Encrypt. (See image below)
  • You see a message that the changes are being implemented.
  • Within ten minutes, the task has been completed successfully.

It’s important to know that Let’s Encrypt only works when a certificate hasn’t been installed yet.

Free SSL certificates at Hipex are now the standard.

All Hipex clients immediately profit from free SSL certificates that meet all requirements. You’ll be informed well before the certificate expires and a renewal will be requested completely automatically. Aside from requesting, it is also automatically installed. You will receive a personal notification of this by email. For more information about Let’s Encrypt, see the enclosed link: https://letsencrypt.org/

*EV and OV certificates are not within the abilities of Let’s Encrypt and need to be requested through the ticket system. You will also be charged for these certificates.

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