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At Hipex, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our partners receive the best performance for their clients, a performance-based kickback fee, attractive leads, knowledge sharing and joint marketing activities. Are you ready to combine forces?

<strong>Marketing power</strong>
Marketing power

Nowadays, Hipex has over 2000 clients. Make use of our network and get a mention on our website. As a partner we also offer you the possibility to shine by the means of a shared marketing campaign, advertisements and events.

<strong>Earn extra income</strong>
Earn extra income

Joint growth will be rewarded with attractive commissions. Contribute new clients to Hipex and receive monthly kickback. Kickback will be paid out rapidly and can lead to a nice amount of extra income that is dependent of the number of shared clients.

<strong>Developer support</strong>
Developer support

Our team consists of many developers. All knowledge is available to solve complex issues rapidly. Varnish configs, Nginx, unwanted bots, profiling or debugging is part of our daily business and we love it!

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Passion for technology

Excellent developers are still rare to find and they have one thing in common. Every day, there is a lack of time. When Hipex was established, we challenged ourselves to automate as many processes as possible. Due to these automations, we offer a high self-service level and therefore we have more time to further develop our platform, hosting performance and increase the customer satisfaction.


As a developer, you don’t want to be occupied with setting up and maintaining a professional development environment. At Hipex, we’d like to help you by providing you the fundament of it. Use the Hipex Docker deploy image and configure CI tools like Gitlab, Bitbucket or Travis to set up your pipelines optimally.

Docker containers

Docker is an open-source framework that enables to pack an application (e.g. Magento or Shopware) in a moveable container. This enables you to install the application on another device very easily. For example, run your own docker containers to develop locally without worries.

API Documentation

Hipex makes API including documentation available to increase the independence of partners and to influence their own desires in it. This is why you can integrate Hipex with external applications that are fully designed for own processes. Think about extending the deploy process and unit tests to keep reducing the error rate while deploying.

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