An unprecedented success story

Brandfield, who doesn’t know them? In a relatively short time it grew to become the absolute specialist for watches, jewellery, sunglasses, bags, wallets and purses. Their success is only due to the fact that Brandfield has also been working on a rock-solid offline front with various shops!

Achievements Brandfield at Hipex

65% faster
15,7 sec faster
Checkout Process
37% faster
6 sec faster
Product Filters
24% faster
2,2 sec faster

The birth of Brandfield

A true specialist in style items sprang up in 2006 with the site Sunnywatches. Not much later the sites and were added. For a long time they managed to distinguish themselves with various successful niche sites before the full range came to be bundled under the name Brandfield in 2014.

An excellent choice

Hipex has helped Brandfield to become a significantly faster shop, greatly improved peak resistance and also increased speed on dynamic pages. December is definitely the most important month of the year for Brandfield and in 2018 it proved to be an unprecedented success. That was a promising start for the future of the collaboration between the two companies!


With them largely being based in the Benelux area, Brandfield can dare to dream much bigger. The roll-out to various European countries has become a very important facet of their strategy for continued growth. Countries such as France, Poland, Denmark, Spain and Germany have already been introduced to Brandfield!