Fatboys fly all over the world from Den Bosch. After introducing the Lamzac, the hosting had to be taken next level. Hipex seemed ‘the man for the job’.

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The Fatboy is an iconic product. From the head office in Den Bosch, the fat bags fly all over the world like hot cakes. Last year, a unique product was added: the Lamzac, that one fills with air. In order to be able to handle the worldwide introduction smoothly, Fatboy had to scale up its hosting considerably.


Talks were already at an advanced stage with a large contingent from the capital when Hipex was allowed to give things a go. We copied Fatboy.com to our test environment. Without changing a letter of code, the performance absolutely sky-rocketed. What makes this a perfect case is that the profit - the gigantic profit - is caused solely by our hosting platform. No additional tweaking, no new modules: just migrate 1 to 1 and suddenly all values just sky-rocketed.

Wijnand van Nesselrooij

CTO Fatboy.com

At Fatboy we were looking for a reliable host specialised in Magento. Eventually we ended up at Hipex and, in just one and a half days, they set up a completely new environment which turned out to be 10 times faster than our existing environment. We’re very happy with Hipex and can advise any Magento shop to use them.