Kees Smit

More speed, higher ROI

The Magento webshop of Kees Smit has been going right through the roof this summer in collaboration with Hipex and is breaking one record after another.

Achievements Kees Smit at Hipex

12% faster
6 sec faster
Checkout Process
15% faster
8 sec faster
Product Filters
28% faster
8 sec faster

A real family business

Kees Smit has been going for three generations and can be seen as a real family business. Where “grandpa” Henk once started with Marskramer, the focus immediately shifted to garden furniture after the take-over. That turned out to be a smart move! The young Henk took over the sceptre in 2011 and really revealed Kees Smit to be the absolute market leader in the field of garden furniture. The largest range, the lowest price guarantee at the quality of the category above have ensured the most successful summer ever!

All records broken

Before the start of the summer, Hipex received the opportunity to prove itself to Kees Smit. Quite soon after setting up a test case, the added value of Hipex came to the fore. The Magento shop of Kees Smit scored four times faster at Hipex on dynamic pages and the peak stability was also significantly improved. Hipex had already migrated the Kees Smit webshop a few days later and it was since then that Kees Smit experienced the most successful summer ever. Records were broken one after the other.

Mitchel Oude Nijhuis

E-commerce & Marketing Director

Hipex showed us that the performance limits of our shop had not yet been reached. Within a few months after having made a turn at Hipex we noticed a significant increase in performance achievements, online sales and as a company we were able to continue our growth at full speed. Hipex had extensive knowledge of Magento, offered excellent support and helped Kees Smit to continue to grow.