We’re Hipex

Our exclusive focus on Magento is one of the main reasons behind our performance achievements. Hipex is obsessed with new technology. That gives you - and us - a huge advantage.

How it started

Hipex came into being around 2008, partly out of frustration, partly out of curiosity. We noticed that large, complex webshops regularly experienced hosting-related problems. Just when you need to fill up with fuel technology prevents you from doing it.

We already knew hosting, but we knew even more about Magento. It seemed we had an advantage. What we had in mind - and still have - is a Magento hosting platform that’s 100% tailored to the specific requirements of Magento.

Through the roof

We used a notoriously problematic Magento shop as a test case. To our own surprise, we had a hosting platform within a few days on which everything ran smoothly. In fact, the performance parameters went through the roof - not just a bit, but radically. All our clients see the same thing happen with their webshops. To this day we have a demonstrable edge on our competition. To emphasise demonstrable: we offer every possible new client the option to try us out for free for 30 days.

Super fast and super transparent

Our main motto is quite likely: don’t believe us, test us. We like to place all our cards on the table. What happens to your Magento shop when you host with us? What distinguishes us from any host you might have? We like to make clear comparisons.

The difference is so significant that testers often become clients straight away. We now have more than 600 clients and we’re still growing. That’s come from us taking our clients by the hand from start to end and making absolutely sure that their switch to Hipex ends up being a real “bull’s-eye” for them.

Our down-to-earth approach

We have an office in Rhenen, but our real sphere of activity is in the networks and server parks that scatter the globe. Always first with favourable technology. Full transparency: you can test everything we say. Above-average competitive prices. A single-eyed focus on ambitious webshops. That’s what you’d knock on Hipex’s door for. Got a good feeling about this? You know what to do then... Test us today or give us a call for a nice chat.