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Hipex takes the performance of demanding Magento & Shopware webshops to unprecedented heights. We’d like to let you experience that without obligation! Dare to try?

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Let’s introduce ourselves. We’re Hipex and we’re complete technology freaks. You could describe us as a bunch of tech freaks that were born from a Magento development agency. We worked for webshops for years, where sky-high visitor numbers, gigantic order volumes and impressive peaks were at the order of the day. Thanks to our years of expertise, we knew what was needed and were thus able to create the ideal bridge between Magento, on the one hand, and the hosting stack on the other. We currently work with just under 20 people for more than 2000 online stores every day and our inherent knowledge, competitive approach and passion for technology has but only increased. At Hipex you get better performance that’s clear to see - and for very transparent prices!

60,000 products in just 0.4 seconds

Magento & Shopware are actually quite heavy and bulky systems. If you want your webshop to really fly, you have to set up a number of meticulous matters differently at its core. Hipex has a lot of experience in hosting fast-growing webshops that have many products and where speed is of great importance. Is a slow category page slowing you down? Why not give us a go and let Hipex prove itself? You can try us out for free and you won’t regret it!

Kees Smit

Quite soon after setting up a test case, the added value of Hipex came to the fore. The Magento shop of Kees Smit scored four times faster at Hipex on dynamic pages and the peak stability was also significantly improved.

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#e-commerce #hosting Hipex boasts a powerful network possessing a hoards of development power in the field of e-commerce. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Magento or Shopware. Due to us forming a strong front with our partners, we’re always able to take care of our clients’ problems.

You won’t experience any finger-pointing and people not taking ownership of problems! We work closely with our partners and always take co-responsibility. More than that, we know the market and are therefore always able to find the ideal partner for building your webshop.

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