Have a Magento webshop developed for you?

You’d like to build a new Magento webshop and are brimming with questions. There’s plenty of information about this on the internet, but which step should one take first? If you’d like to have a Magento webshop built for you, it’s important that you find the right technical partner. A partner that meets all your needs and with which you also experience a personal click. You may en up having new Magento webshop made every five years and that’s why it’s essential that you do it well.

We help you find the right Magento development agency.

We’ve already been through many new-build projects. We know the Magento market like no other and act as an independent advisory body for building Magento webshops, almost on a weekly basis. It’s important for us that a new Magento 2 webshop gets built well technically. Some advantages of a high-quality Magento 2 webshop at a glance:

  • Code is easier to maintain
  • The Magento webshop is faster
  • The user experience automatically improves
  • Easier to add new features
  • The Magento webshop is much more stable
  • Larger peaks can be processed
  • Unnecessary costs are saved in the long term

Clients which we successfully helped to get in touch with the right Magento agency

The best Magento webshop

The better the webshop is set up, the lesser the problems that will occur on it. If fewer problems occur, this also means that our support team needs to be called up less often. If we have to solve problems for various Magento webshops less often, we can spend even more proactive time on the optimisation of the Hipex hosting platform with the aim of making your Magento webshop at Hipex perform even better. In short, it’s a win-win situation all around!

Finding the right Magento partner

Hipex collaborates with many different Magento agencies. These agencies are naturally all different in their own way. Some only build Magento Commerce webshops, while others are fully committed to the free, open-source Magento variant. Their teams can also differ substantially in terms of size. Of course, this doesn’t go to say that a large agency is always better than a small agency or vice versa.

Personal requirements and wishes

This also strongly depends on your personal requirements and wishes. In addition, it’s also important which links are required, whether customisation needs to be added, what your design requirements are and which other solutions need to be linked. The available budget naturally also plays a huge role with this. Certain partners focus on high-end clients, while others are also better equipped for mid-market clients. In this area it’s also important to find the right partner so that you won’t be faced with surprises later.

Strong Magento partner network

We’ve helped many clients to find the right partner. That helps to prevent many problems in the long term. We’d be happy to bring you into contact with various parties so you can kickstart a conversation and get briefly acquainted. If you’re left with a good feeling after that conversation, then you can often schedule a physical meetup as the next step. In the end it’s you that makes the right choice and Hipex would’ve only given you input that makes it easier for you to find the right party.