Growing together


At Hipex we believe in the power of collaboration. As a Hipex hosting partner you receive, in addition to the best performance for your customers, even more benefits such as a performance-related kickback fee, attractive leads, knowledge sharing and joint marketing activities.

<strong>Fast and professional support</strong>
Fast and professional support

Thanks to our multi-channel support integration you can reach us quickly and easily. The support team consists of specialists who know what they are talking about. We proactively support you and your customers in improving performance, stability and security!

<strong>Marketing power</strong>
Marketing power

Nowadays, Hipex has over 2000 clients. Make use of our network and get a mention on our website. As a partner we also offer you the possibility to shine by the means of a shared marketing campaign, advertisements and events.

<strong>Earn extra income</strong>
Earn extra income

Joint growth will be rewarded with attractive commissions. Contribute new clients to Hipex and receive monthly kickback. Kickback will be paid out rapidly and can lead to a nice amount of extra income that is dependent of the number of shared clients.

<strong>In-house developers</strong>
In-house developers

Hipex has a team of mainly developers. All knowledge is available to quickly resolve complex issues. Varnish configs, Nginx, unwanted bots, profiling or debugging is our daily routine and we also really enjoy it.

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Passion for technology

Excellent developers are still scarce and have one thing in common. Every day they run out of time. When establishing Hipex, we immediately set ourselves the goal of automating as many processes as possible. Due to our degree of automation, we offer a high level of self-service and therefore create more time for other tasks. At Hipex, we spend this time on the further development of the platform, further improving performance and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Performance Scan

The Hipex Performance Scan provides continuous insight into the performance and possible optimizations of your online store. Test your online store with the extensive Hipex Performance Scan and receive unique insights.

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Hybrid Cloud

Fast and automated scaling without downtime. Hipex offers online stores certainty that combines the best performance with fully automated scaling options without having to think about it.

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Optimizing page speed requires knowledge and can be expensive. With Percolate, optimizations are automatically implemented and you boost your page speed scores.

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