Proud of our clients

At Hipex we host so many successful brand names that it’d take us a day’s work to select which brands we’d really like to highlight. Below is a selection of our clients who’ve been working with us for a long time and to our complete satisfaction.


Brandfield. Who doesn’t know them? In a relatively short time it grew to become the absolute specialist for watches, jewellery, sunglasses, bags, wallets and purses. Their success is only due to the fact that Brandfield has also been working on a rock-solid offline front with various shops!

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Kees Smit

With webshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Kees Smit can no longer be ignored as one of the top of the e-commerce market. Kees Smit is one of the leading companies in the field of garden furniture and, with the physical stores in Almelo and Amersfoort, has two beautiful locations where collections are offered.

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With their mission of helping every client to create atmosphere, is now also making their name and fame outside the Netherlands. With more than 90 informal light experts, the e-commerce giant now also sells its products in Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and Sweden.

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