E-commerce specialist Bluebird Day

Sometimes all the elements come together to create the perfect conditions. In the mountains they call this a Bluebird Day. Optimal conditions to perform to perfection and to press on further than you ever thought possible. Alongside you all the way, Bluebird Day creates the perfect conditions for innovation in e-commerce.

It’s Bluebird Day

Bluebird Day believes that e-commerce is only really successful if it’s used to bring people and brands closer together. They look beyond standard solutions. Based on a solid digital strategy, Bluebird Day selects the best solution and designs the ideal platform for you.

The ideal e-commerce platform

Every project is one of a kind. Diverse requirements and specific wishes give every assignment a completely different form. Bluebird Day works closely with every client in order to arrive at the ideal e-commerce platform. Bluebird Day is specialised in developing Magento, Drupal and Headless webshops.

Webshop optimisation

Technology is developing very fast and standing still is not an option. Consumers are also becoming increasingly demanding. And that most certainly also applies to webshops. Bluebird Day understands that it always needs to be faster, more beautiful and better to satisfy the consumer, which is why they develop your shop thoroughly.

Wim La Haye

Bluebird Day

Within Bluebird Day a desire to outsource the hosting to a permanent partner already existed. A number of requirements were at play. Substantive Magento knowledge, fast and competent support, a flat company structure and, of course, a rock-solid performance. After an intensive pitch where we really got to know Hipex really well, we already pretty much knew that they had to become our new partner!