E-commerce agency Yellowgrape

Those who want online success operate strategically and analytically - the magic comes when everything cleverly comes together. Our e-commerce agency specialises in crisply thought-out language strategies. Many of our clients have already earned their spurs and are looking for sustainability and expansion of their success. That’s a good phase to bring in the Yellowgrape e-marketeers.

This is Yellowgrape

Yellowgrape understands the game called “data”. This has allowed them to go exceptionally far in their personal approach to existing and potential clients. Their expertise lie in the mining, structuring and smart use of data. They analyse and centralise new and existing data in an extremely clever way. They build 360-degree client profiles, design relevant and personal content, set up fully automatic email campaigns and generate relevant traffic. In addition, the sizeable dose of creativity they have in-house produces meticulous care and designs that adapt to the wishes of the consumer in real time. By implementing intelligent algorithms, they know how to respond to the needs of the individual consumer in an optimal manner and the conversion figures of their clients go through the roof time and time again.

Virtuoso, pioneers and crystal clear

Yellowgrape combines their mastery of data, traffic and conversions with an unprecedented openness. They make everything clear for you, both before and during the trip. Virtuoso, crystal clear and as approachable as your local bakery. Yellowgrape’s strength not only lies in its innovative approach and sharp focus on results, but, above all, in its people and their unique talents that complement each other flawlessly.