Hipex Performance Scan

Dominate your industry with the best achievable performance. Test your webshop with the extensive Hipex Performance Scan and receive unique insights. Interested in a daily Hipex Performance Scan with extensive data and many extras? The Hipex Performance Scan is enabled automatically for all Hipex customers.

Continuous insights

We test your webshop on daily basis on front-end performance and performance under load. We use this data to compare your performance with the total market and your industry.

Fully integrated in the Hipex Hosting panel

Even more functionality within reach

Performance driven development

Visitors often view multiple pages before they decide whether or not to purchase a product. A common route for webshop visitors is to enter the homepage, navigate to a category page and then clicking on a product. Performance is essential here. By continuously focusing on Performance during the development process, you can retain a fast webshop.


Test your webshop with the Hipex Performance Scan

Enter your details and immediately receive the Hipex Performance Scan report in your Inbox. Optimize for performance and stay ahead of your competitors!