Pricing adjustment as of January 1st 2023!

Like many others, our suppliers of hardware, software and power have increased their prices. Therefore, we are forced to adjust the prices of our hosting plans accordingly. Through this email, we would like to inform you of the necessary upcoming price increase that will be implemented as of January 1st 2023.

What will change and when?

The prices of the hosting plans will be adjusted to inflation rates and increased energy and supplier costs. The total invoice amount will be increased by 10%. This adjustment applies to the services as of January 1, 2023. Please note, because you pay in advance, the invoice of December 2022 will show this increase.

If you are a customer of Hipex, you will receive an email from us within two weeks in which you will find a personalized overview of what this price increase means for your current plans.

Do you also use the services of Hypernode? You will receive a similar email next week regarding the price increase of Hypernode plans.

Thank you for your trust!

We remain fully committed to provide all our customers with the best possible hosting and services. Your feedback is of the utmost importance for that matter. If you have comments or feature requests, please don't hesitate to send us an email (

Kind regards,

Team Hipex & Hypernode