From slow to fast in one day

Babypark paid a substantial sum, but continued to struggle with very poor performance. The solution turned out to be simple: transfer to Hipex.

Achievements Babypark at Hipex


A faster webshop - that was Babypark’s biggest wish. Babypark had been using one of the heaviest packages at their old host. But whatever happened: the performance remained disappointing. Hipex let Babypark’s wish come true.

Overall performance 5x

Babypark also came to Hipex via a no-obligation stopover in our test environment. The figures were hard to believe. Filtering went from 44 to 5 seconds. Backend loading time from 3.7 to 1.8. The largest peak bombs were received without any problems and the overall performance was boosted to 5 times more. Since then Babypark has been warming things up on our hosting platform. The webshop is extremely fast and also extremely stable. And they’re noticing that at Babypark.

Arie Timmer

Babypark Owner

Due to persistent performance problems in our webshop, we went looking for a reliable party that could help us to improve the speed of our webshop immediately. The flat company structure, the personal contact and the flexibility of the employees has been ensuring a pleasant collaboration. We’ve been receiving numerous positive reactions from our clients and our shop staff regarding the improved speed and the handy search function.