From slow to incredibly fast within a day

Babypark was paying a lot, but kept dealing with a very mediocre performance. The solution proved simple: moving to Hipex.

30/5000 Performance Babypark at Hipex

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A faster web shop, this was Babypark's greatest wish. At the old host, Babypark used one of the heaviest packages. But whatever happened, performance remained disappointing. Hipex made Babypark's wish come true.

Babypark also joined Hipex after a free stopover in our test environment. The numbers were almost unbelievable. Filtering is reduced from 44 to 5 seconds. Back end loading times went from 3.7 to 1.8. The largest peak bombs were easily cushioned and the complete performance increased more than 5 times. Since then, Babypark is comfortable at our hosting platform. The web shop is incredibly fast and utterly stable. And they definitely notice at Babypark.

Arie Timmer

Owner of Babypark
Due to persistent performance issues in our web shop, we started looking for a reliable party that could help us directly in improving the speed of our web shop. The short lines, the personal contact and the flexibility of the employees provide a pleasant collaboration. Our clients and our store personnel give us plenty of positive responses to the improved speed and practical search feature.

Interested? Let us know!

Hipex HQ Platinaweg 20 6662 PP Elst 085-888 77 54

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