Cavallaro Napoli

Cavallaro Napoli is classic Italian with a twist. The brand conquered the fashion world by their visible craftsmanship and unique look: chic jackets, blouses and shirts combined with the most beautiful basics. Now with 350 sales outlets within Europe, the webshop is also showing ever stronger growth. This growth involves new online challenges: something which Hipex responds to with style.

Performance improvement Cavallaro Napoli

Substantial performance optimisations

Cavallaro Napoli urgently needed significant performance optimisations. The shop is an increasingly popular channel. At Cavallaro Napoli they understand that better performance leads to a higher conversions and, when setting up a no-obligation test, Hipex showed itself to be the right partner needed to achieve it.


In preparation for the future, Cavallaro Napoli developed a desire to drive overall performance to an even higher level. In collaboration with Madia, Hipex significantly improved peak resistance, accelerated checkouts and boosted filtering. As a result of this, Cavallaro has been promoted to the next level in e-commerce and is resistant to growth at all levels.

Robin van Olphen

E-commerce Manager

Hipex has shown that it understands hosting in its entirety. With both high-quality hardware and all the adequate technologies, they helped us to improve performance even more. We’re happy with the hosting performance of Hipex and the smooth collaboration between Madia and Hipex. We’ve never had such a fast webshop and we’re very happy about that.