Lamp en Licht

Success with Magento 2

With their mission of helping every client to create atmosphere, is now also making their name and fame outside the Netherlands. With more than 90 informal light experts, the e-commerce giant now also sells its products in Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and Sweden.

Hipex Achievements

40% faster
4,3 sec faster
Checkout Process
65% faster
8,2 sec faster
Product Filters
29% faster
11 sec faster

The power of Lampenlicht

Since things started in 2007, operating from a small lamp shop in Brabant, things have speeded up dramatically. Lampenlicht is a fast growing company with a strong focus on the online world. With Magento 2 as an e-commerce platform, Lampenlicht is also taking significant steps in Europe. More than 3000 items in stock by default ensures that orders are delivered quickly and that, combined with some really hot prices, has resulted in Lampenlicht becoming rather sought after by many households in Europe.

Performance - an important weapon

Lampenlicht struggled with the performance achievements of their various webshops for a long time. Knowing that more speed increases conversions, Lampenlicht had been looking for the best result for a long time. Lampenlicht ended up at Hipex via via and from then on things went quite quickly. The shop is now extremely stable, the platform is handling significant peaks and Lampenlicht has therefore reached the next phase in their process of growth.

Ard Huisert

Hipex took ample time to get to know our application. They made a copy of our environment and set it up on their own platform. From there they started doing various performance tests and load tests to show us that they not only could provide the fastest setup, but also a setup that could handle our peaks without any hiccups at all. We’ve been working with Hipex for over a year now and are very satisfied with their services. We can wholeheartedly recommend Hipex and we’ve been doing that often enough all along the way!