Since its start in 2008, Macrovet has experienced a gigantic spurt of growth. The webshop focuses on specific target groups with items for animals, farmers and the accompanying outdoor life and seems to be extremely successful with this.

Achievements Macrovet at Hipex

55% faster
7 sec faster
Checkout Process
36% faster
14 sec faster
Product Filters
45% faster
32 sec faster

Price, service and personal approach

Macrovet combines competitive prices with excellent service and a personal approach and is therefore very popular with their target group. With Texel as their home base, Macrovet is able to conquer the country at a rapid pace.

Performance boost

Macrovet experienced the added value of hosting expert Hipex firsthand. The shop continues to grow and that has translated into higher visitor numbers, more orders and higher order values. Performance plays a crucial role in the success of Macrovet and since the webshop switched to Hipex in the summer of 2016, the performance boost obtained has been patently obvious. A faster checkout, an accelerated backend and faster-performing filters have underpinned the growth that the company has been experiencing ever since.

Willem-Johan Bakker

Macrovet Owner and Founder

The results we’ve achieved in collaboration with Hipex are staggering. We’ve achieved unprecedented growth in every respect through these speed improvements and we’re grateful to Hipex for that. Experiences with other hosters have damaged our trust a bit, but Hipex’s actions really spoke louder than their words and now we get to reap the benefits of it. We can heartily recommend every Magento shop to give Hipex a try. Within my own network there are a number of other shops apart from Macrovet that have experienced the power of Hipex.