Since starting in 2008, Macrovet has experienced a gigantic growth spurt. With items for animals, farmers and the accompanying outdoor life, the web store focuses on a specific target group and proves extremely successful.

Achievements of Macrovet at Hipex

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Price, service and a personal approach

Macrovet combines sharp prices with excellent service and a personal approach, which causes it to strongly appeal to the target group. With Texel as a home base, Macrovet is rapidly conquering the country.

Performance boost

At Macrovet, they personally experienced the added value of Hosting expert Hipex. The shop keeps growing and this translates to higher numbers of visitors, more orders and higher order values. Performance plays a crucial role in the success of Macrovet and since the web shop switched to Hipex in the summer of 2016, the received performance boost is clearly noticeable. A faster checkout, a sped up back end and faster working filters are at the base of the growth that the company has since experienced.

Willem-Johan Bakker

Owner and founder of Macrovet
The results we've achieved in collaboration with Hipex are astounding. In all respect, these speed improvements has enabled us to realise unprecedented growth and for this, we're grateful to Hipex. Experiences with other hosts have somewhat damaged our trust, but Hipex truly walks the walk and we now benefit from it. We can therefore happily recommend them to any Magento shop and within my own network, there are a number of other shops besides Macrovet that experienced the power of Hipex.

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