Streetwise jeans & clothing

Vingino is a children’s clothing brand that’s not missing from many families’ children’s closets. Started in 2001 as a small Dutch denim-only company, but grown into a world-renowned brand over time with something for every child, from baby to teenager. Quality is all that matters! They combine the best denim fabrics with a touch of Italian vintage to help every child get into a great outfit.

Achievements Vingino

Children’s fashion is an experience on its own

With a completely new Shopware shop, Vingino has succeeded marvellously in giving full expression to the experience. With its well-defined photos, clear navigation to a very well-functioning checkout, everything’s in place for achieving solid growth online.

Powerful collaboration

Hipex Shopware partner Zeo, in close collaboration with Vingino and Hipex, has created a beautiful webshop that meets Vingino’s requirements to the uttermost. Clear product information, clean photos, good zoom functionality and a conversion-optimised checkout in combination with the high-performance achievements of Hipex have all helped to make Vingino a very satisfied client.

Rutger van den Brule

Vingino Shop Manager

Hipex has, in collaboration with Zeo, really proven itself by being able to help us to a lightning quick shop. We were already a client of Hipex with our previous webshop that ran entirely on Magento, so we didn’t wait a moment to place our new Shopware shop under Hipex’s care as well. Hipex is all about speed, is always easily accessible and always willing to help. We can therefore wholeheartedly recommend Shopware hosting from Hipex!