30 april 2020

Cloudflare: what is it? And what can you do with it?

What makes Cloudflare so extremely popular? Why do we, and also a lot of other companies, make use of Cloudflare? In this article, you read everything you wanted to know about Cloudflare.

27 april 2020

Magento Commerce vs Magento Open-Source, which is the best for you?

For companies that start an online store or want to run an extensive e-commerce platform, Magento offers two versions: Magento Open-Source and Magento Commerce. At first glance, both look alike, however when you look in more detail, there are significant differences. We’ll explain all the differences you need to know.

20 april 2020

What is a .htaccess file and how can you create one?

In this article we explain what a .htaccess file is, give you some examples and show you how to convert it to Nginx.

17 april 2020

3 negative consequences of bad hosting

In this article, you read three negative consequences of bad hosting you might not have heard about before. Do you choose cheap hosting, or do you invest in quality?

14 april 2020

7 remarkable things you didn't know about Shopware

It is not surprising that the interest in Shopware is rising. Shopware is a very nice and accessible e-commerce system. However, there are some nice and remarkable facts about Shopware you didn’t know about. In this blog, we have listed seven of them.

6 april 2020

8 security measures that your web host must have

In this article, you can read 8 measures that we think every web host should have, so that you can be sure of secure web hosting.

21 januari 2020

Magento hosting: VPS hosting, Shared hosting, Dedicated server or Cluster hosting?

You have the ambition to setup a Magento webshop but find out that you're in front of an important question: What kind of hosting is suitable for my online store? Not an easy choice but definitely an important one.

17 januari 2020

Akeneo: the must-have product management solution for webshops

You undoubtedly know it. You have a webshop with thousands of products, each product containing its own product information. Usually, the product information is maintained in the backend of the e-commerce store, in Excel files or in an ERP system.

7 januari 2020

Improving Magento 2 speed: the ultimate guide (2020 update)

A slow webshop is outdated. Many studies have shown that the slower the webshop, the lower the conversion. Also search engines, especially Google, are increasingly punishing slow websites. In short, every reason to go for ultimate speed performance.