17 januari 2020

Akeneo: the must-have product management solution for webshops

You undoubtedly know it. You have a webshop with thousands of products, each product containing its own product information. Usually, the product information is maintained in the backend of the e-commerce store, in Excel files or in an ERP system.

7 januari 2020

Improving Magento 2 speed: the ultimate guide (2020 update)

A slow webshop is outdated. Many studies have shown that the slower the webshop, the lower the conversion. Also search engines, especially Google, are increasingly punishing slow websites. In short, every reason to go for ultimate speed performance.

15 oktober 2019

What is Shopware and why is it so popular?

Shopware is working incredibly hard, and that's not without reason. The German e-commerce platform, which has been fully open source since 2016, is gaining more and more market share in Europe and the number of active installations is also increasing enormously in the Netherlands.

30 juli 2019

Varnish Cache: What is it and why is it so powerful?

Varnish cache is a known term in the world of Magento, and we make use of it as well. With a good reason, as Varnish is a powerful method to load websites faster.