12 mei 2020

The 8 best plugins for Shopware (2020)

Do you want to get more out of your Shopware webshop? Take a look at these 8 plugins and you will discover new ways to extend the possibilities of the platform.

8 mei 2020

3 Shopware tips & tricks every Shopware user should know

Do you make use of Shopware for your e-commerce business? With these 3 tips, you get more out of the platform than you already did.

14 april 2020

7 remarkable things you didn't know about Shopware

It is not surprising that the interest in Shopware is rising. Shopware is a very nice and accessible e-commerce system. However, there are some nice and remarkable facts about Shopware you didn’t know about. In this blog, we have listed seven of them.

15 oktober 2019

What is Shopware and why is it so popular?

Shopware is working incredibly hard, and that's not without reason. The German e-commerce platform, which has been fully open source since 2016, is gaining more and more market share in Europe and the number of active installations is also increasing enormously in the Netherlands.