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The national interest in Shopware is in a clear upward trend. Also at Hipex, we see a rising number of Shopware Hosting requests.

It is not surprising that the interest in Shopware is rising. Shopware is a very nice and accessible e-commerce system. However, there are some nice and remarkable facts about Shopware you didn’t know. In this blog, we have listed seven of them.

1. Shopware market share

Shopware is booming and platforms like Shopify and Magento will see this trend as well. However, Shopware is miles behind in terms of use of the platform.

According to the figures of BuiltWith, there are 30,678 Shopware shops worldwide. 76% of these online stores come from Germany. If we compare the more than 30.000 Shopware websites with the number of Magento, it is clear that Magento is far ahead from others: 778,138.

In addition, BuiltWith’s figures show that Shopware attracts the most switchers from Magento.

2. Major German shops use Shopware

Think of Austin Martin, or the famous brand Jägermeister. Jägermeister uses the Diamond subscription of Shopware Enterprise. Shopware is used for both the B2C as the B2B market.The implementation of Shopware resulted in an increase by 45% of the value of the shopping cart. It also realized a turnover increase of 120% in the period of one month.

3. 28% of the Shopware shops collaborate with a partner

Recent research among 600 Shopware store owners has shown that 28% of them make use of a technical implementation partner for technical support. It sounds like a lot of work when you consider that almost 50% of the respondents have only 1 to 4 employees.

The same research found that the food, beverage and tobacco industry was represented the most (14,86%). Closely followed by the job & garden sector (13.58%) and fashion (11.56%).

4. Most popular Shopware Plugins

There are numerous plugins available for Shopware platforms. Nice to see that Shopware published a list with the most popular plugins for Shopware.

This list allows the users to supplement their own list with frequently-used plugins may they be relevant for them.

According to Shopware, these are themost popular Shopware plugins:

  1. Shopware ERP powered by Pickware
  2. ThemeWare Modern | Customizable Responsive Theme
  3. Live Shopping
  4. Shopware WMS powered by Pickware
  5. SEO Professional
  6. Google Tag Manager + Enhanced eCommerce Tracking for Shopware
  7. Banner for Notifications, Notes & Offers
  8. Facebook Pixel Integration

Also read our blog article about the most popular Shopware plugins at the moment.

5. Mollie integration with Shopware

Dutch company Mollie, which handles payments, has become an official partner of Shopware in the end of 2019. This means that Mollie is now named as a "Preferred Partner" and will therefore be the recommended payment solution for Shopware 6 in the focus markets of the Benelux and the German speaking countries.

6. 19,000 monthly German searches

According to data from Ahrefs, the word “Shopware” is currently searched for 28,000 times worldwide. The majority of those search requests come from Germany, namely more than 19,000.

In the Netherlands, there is an average of 900 searches for the keyword “Shopware”. Of course, it is expected that this will increase with the increasing popularity.

In the chart below from Ahrefs, you can clearly see the upward trend in terms of search volume.

7. Founded by a 16-year-old

Shopware was established in the year 2000. Stefan Hamann, who founded the IT company Hamann-Media GmbH was 16 years old back then.

Actually, Stefan was too young to start up a company and therefore needed special permission from the court.

Soon, his brother Sebastian came on board and later this would grow further as the Shopware company we know today.

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