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The open-source e-commerce platform Shopware focuses on the ultimate customer experience.

The great thing about this platform is that the software is optimized by the community itself, and therefore meets the highest requirements of technology and design.

Do you use Shopware as your e-commerce platform? We have 3 tips & tricks for you to get the most out of Shopware.

Turn your website into production modus

As soon as you are ready developing your webshop, you can turn the webshop into production mode. After that, site speed will improve significantly by activating the HTTP-cache.

HTTP-cache ensures potential customers don’t leave your website because of long loading times.

To turn your website into production mode:

  1. Log into the backend of Shopware
  2. Go to Cache/performance which is under Configuration
  3. Switch production mode on.

In the same performance window as where you turn on production mode (under Settings), you can activate the HTTP-cache under General.

‘Activate HTTP Cache’ has to be ticked. In the end, you click on Warm Up HTTP cache and the cache of the website will be warmed up.

Integration with Google Tag Manager

To get the most out of your Shopware store, it is recommended to make use of many available plugins.

A plugin that might be really important for your webshop is Google Tag Manager for Shopware.

With Google Tag Manager you are able to receive in-depth information about your online store without the need of a developer (or a lot of technical knowledge) for installing it.

Google Tag Manager makes it especially easy to integrate third parties (external services) onto your website because you only have to install the plugin itself and no coding is required.

A couple examples of plugins you can use through GTM: A/B testing tools, Google Analytics functionalities, the Facebook Pixel or Google Ads. You can also implement other tools like Google Website Optimizer, Hotjar or other analytics tools.

With GTM you can get a lot more insights about your visitors and website performance to further improve it.

The great thing about Google Tag Manager is that all the different third party tags you want to use through GTM can be changed wherever and whenever you wantwithout any delay.

This plugin of Google is provided with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking and goes one step further than the standard code of Google Analytics.

Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking allows you to measure various aspects automatically. Think of the number of impressions on search pages and in product listings, information about the complete checkout process such as when people place a product in their shopping cart and when they checkout.

Shipcloud connector

The Shipcloud connector is an essential plugin when you send packages to your customers. This plugin offers an easy interface for all relevant carriers, including DHL, DHL Express, UPS, FedEx and more.

The interface will be delivered as a Software as a System (SaaS) platform. Thanks to the Shopware connecter, the integration of Shipcloud within Shopware issuper fast and cheap!

It allows you to create shippings directly from your Shopware platform. In the past you had to fill in names and addresses manually, these times are over!

Shipcloud enables the automatization of creating and printing labels, and even has integrated shipping tracking services for all carriers. Whether it is for a small or big package, a standard delivery or an urgent one: your packages will be delivered safely at your customers doorstep.

This guarantees a smooth service from shipment to return.

Great thing to hear about this Shipcloud connector is that you can immediately start it.

You can send your orders with the Shipcloud business fees, but it is also possible to integrate your business accounts in your carriers.\ \ You are able to create the shipping labels with your logo for all carriers yourself. Increase customer satisfaction by sending your packages via the requirements of the customer.

Modern tracking technologies ensure you and the customer can both track the order.

Instantly, you can see the cheapest shipping service so you can optimize your shipping costs. Or to be even more customer-oriented, let customers choose the shipping service they prefer.

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