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Backups basics

Which backups are created, how long are they saved and where do I find them?

What and when are backups performed?

Backups are started every night at 4 o'clock. Because we do not want to overload a server with backups, backups of a single server are not started at the same time. It depends on the number of backups created sequentially whether the backup starts exactly at 4:00 or in some cases an hour later.

Database backups

De entire database is backed up every night.

File backups

Everything under ~/domains/<domainname> is backed up except for the next files and maps:

  • redis.json
  • var/log
  • var/run
  • var/sessions
  • var/tmp
  • public_html/fpc
  • public_html/var
  • public_html/data/cache
  • public_html/data/log
  • application/shared/fpc
  • application/shared/var
  • application/shared/public_html/fpc
  • application/shared/public_html/var
  • application/shared/data/cache
  • application/shared/data/log
  • src/shared/fpc
  • src/shared/var
  • src/shared/public_html/fpc
  • src/shared/public_html/var
  • src/shared/data/cache
  • src/shared/data/log
  • public_html/media/css
  • public_html/media/js
  • public_html/media/catalog/product/cache
  • application/shared/media/css
  • application/shared/media/js
  • application/shared/media/catalog/product/cache
  • src/shared/media/css
  • src/shared/media/js
  • src/shared/media/catalog/product/cache

Furthermore the crontab ~/supervisor/supervisor.d and the ~/.ssh folder of a user are backed up.

Retention, how long are backups saved?

By default backups are saved for 7 days. At your request the retention period is extended per domain, database, server of even everything. This depends on the amount of data and the associated costs, ask our support team for more information.

How backups are made

Database backups are created by Percona Xtrabackup. File backups are created by Restic. Every customer receives his own encryption key which will be used in encrypting the backups These keys are securely stored at Hipex and only used during a restore

Restoring and viewing backups

Backups are restored and viewed, through a support request. In the very near future this will also be possible by using our dashboards.