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How to use Solr @ Hipex using Docker

Solr is run using Docker, for the rest of this tutorial we assume you are familiar with the docker basics.

Service configuration

In the docker service configuration you will define the version and port where solr will be available. In the examples we will use version 6.6 and port 18983.

We suggest placing the docker-compose.yml in its own folder. For example ~/solr/docker-compose.yml.

version: "3.2"

        image: "solr:6.6-slim"
        restart: "always"
        - ./data:/var/solr
        - "18983:8983"

Since we are using a mounted volume we also need to create the data directory.

cd ~/solr/
mkdir data

Now the service can be started with hipex docker:compose:up.

hipex docker:compose:up --detach

Port bind error

When receiving a Bind for failed: port is already allocated error. The configured port 18983 is already in use and another port must be configured.


Although possible using a nginx proxy it would be a security risk to allow your instance to be publicly accessible. So a SSH tunnel is needed to access your solr instance. Once the tunnel has been made you can visit http://localhost:18983/ to access the web ui.

Starting an SSH tunnel from your local machine:

ssh -L 18983:localhost:18983 <user>@<server> -p 339 -N