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MySQL basics

How to use MySQL at Hipex?

MySQL at Hipex

At Hipex, MySQL is fully managed, therefore you don’t have to worry about it and you don’t have to arrange much for it. That’s easy, but sometimes you still need to perform some management tasks. For doing this, we have some tools that will help you, we will describe these tools here.


These versions of MySQL are supported:

  • 5.6
  • 5.7
  • 8.0

Because changing versions also means data migration, you cannot change this yourself. For this, you need to contact our support team that will execute this migration at your desired time.


Hipex has already implemented many configuration tweaks to let MySQL perform optimally with your webshop. If you want to add even more additional configurations, this is closely related and we are more than happy to do this (in agreement). Desired configuration changes can be arranged from our dedicated solutions.

Command line

To come to the MySQL instance via the shell you can use the mysql command. For example:

mysql -u shop_root -p shop_database
Enter password: ******************

If you have a cluster setup you need to provide the server (hostname or IP address) to it.

mysql -u shop_root -p -h shop_database
Enter password: ******************

If you do not always want to provide your username, password and database, you can place the following configuration file in the home directory:


Host is only required in case it is a cluster setup.


Sometimes it happens that queries get stuck or end up in a deadlock. With the Hipex CLI you have the option to kill all queries of an application at once.

This works via the hipex restart:mysql command.