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Guidelines and Procedures

Hipex Technical Support Guidelines and Procedures

The Hipex Support team is dedicated to providing knowledgeable and timely responses to your support requests. Online, email and phone support are available to all customers as part of our commitment to ensure your success with Hipex solutions.

Support Eligibility

To be eligible to receive support, customer must be in compliance with Hipex terms and conditions. If applicable, accounts must be active and in good standings.

Support Process

For each customer, technical support begins once a webshop migration or product implementation project is complete. Any support issues that occur prior to project completion should be communicated directly to the sales manager or project manager that is responsible for that customers account.

All support cases must be submitted through our website, email, pack hosting panel, WhatsApp or by phone call. All requests should include all required information and sufficient explanation of the problem and any supporting documents.

Once a support case has been submitted, it will automatically be routed into the ticketing pool. A technical support representative is required to respond within the time frame targeted in the SLA. This time may vary based on time zones. The technical support representative is responsible for assuring accurate solutions and the troubleshooting steps that are provided.

The representative is also responsible for the life of the ticket until the issue has been resolved or the ticket is required to be escalated to another individual or support tier. The status of the ticket will be updated after every communication with the customer. Detailed notes of the ticket will be input prior to placing the ticket into a closed status.

Internal Problem Escalation Process

At Hipex we've organized our IT support organization into three technical support levels (tiers). This organization helps us to reduce incident resolution times and increase knowledge sharing, because multiple disciplines are involved and support engineers learn from each others solutions.

Incidents will be escalated to a higher tier if no solution is available. In the case when subsequent similar incidents have to be escalate to a higher tier, we work on a solution to prevent this from happening in the future. Most often we solve this by implementing some automations, building internal tooling, and knowledge sharing / training. Because of this way of working, we're constantly increasing our shared expertise.

Knowledge Base

To accelerate knowledge sharing and prevent multiple support engineers from having to solve the same problem, we're making extensive use of StackOverflow for Teams. We've trained ourselves in a way that we don't reach out to colleagues for any technical or procedural questions, before checking our internal knowledge base on StackOverflow for Teams.

Omni-channel Customer Service

To increase the availability for our partners and customers, we utilize as many communication channels as possible (omnichannel).

At the moment, our customers and partners can reach us via phone and the following online channels:

As you can see in the illustration above, initiated communication on those channels will automatically result in tickets being created. This allows our support engineers to work in a uniform way.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

At Hipex, we always strive for the best possible solution when we or our customers are encountering a problem. To get to the root cause of an issue, we're utilizing the five whys method. This method serves as a framework for us to enforce a standardized way of problem solving. It helps us to prevent situations where initially proposed solutions are immediately accepted as the best solution. We always intend to get to the bottom of a problem, to maximize the chance that customers get what they need.

Service levels

As a Hipex customer, you can expect a high level of service across your IT infrastructure. While the Basic SLA satisfies most customer needs, we offer extended Service Level Agreements to customers who want greater peace of mind.

Check out our service level agreements for details.