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Performance Scan Basics

What is the Hipex Performance Scan and how can I leverage it for a better application?

What is the Hipex Performance Scan?

The Hipex Performance Scan is a tool combining multiple known performance tools. The scan is automatically run every night for all production applications. The results from these scans are used to calculate the Hipex Performance Score or HPS.

The Dashboard

Our dashboard shows an overview of the scan results. It includes the HPS of the last scan in the chosen period, a trend view, and some important page speed categories.

The chosen period is 3 months by default. You can pick between presets of 3 days, 7 days, 1 month, and 3 months or choose a custom period.

How can I leverage the scan results?

The Performance Scan Dashboard shows you a lot of metrics from the daily scans we run for your applications.

These results include page speed scores, the speed index, layout shifts, blocking times, etc.

More info on the scores can be found in the respective articles.


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