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What monitoring does Hipex have and how is there acted upon?


For all environments of Hipex, the following elements are monitored. This is applicable to as well production as staging servers:

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Cpu, memory en disk usage
  • Disk latency, toughput
  • Disk & raid-health
  • Systeem & security logs

Many of the monitored markers are the so-called “pre fail”, meaning they are not immediately a problem, but may become one in the future. By gathering as much insight as possible, we are able to act proactively. Threatening problems will therefore almost in all cases be solved before the chance arises to become a problem for your application. Through this approach, we increase the stability and therefore automatically the uptime of your application. These statistics can also be viewed via the hosting panel under the header ‘monitoring’.


Besides server monitoring, we are always busy with facilitating application monitoring as complete as possible. In the hosting panel, we offer the option to enable or disable monitoring. If the application is located on a staging server, this setting does not have an impact and will not be monitored. This setting can be found under application settings. Applicatie settings

For this, see the article Create application.

With an application, 3 urls are always being monitored every minute, namely:

  • The homepage https://<domain>/
  • The main PHP version https://<domain>/.hipexmonitor/main
  • The alternative PHP version https://<domain>/.hipexmonitor/alternative

A http status code 503 (maintenance) will not be seen as downtime. All other errors like 404, SSL problems or status code 500 will be reported to us as downtime notifications.

As we do not have the control over the code, which are being placed by the webshop owners, we measure our SLA uptime guarantee on /.hipexmonitor urls. These urls connect also with the underlying systems guaranteeing underlying systems always work properly and there can be no doubt about this.

Domain pointer

Domain pointers are only measured on the homepage. Furthermore the same things are applicable as for application monitoring and things as SSL are monitored as well.