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Time to Interactive

What is the Time to Interactive?

Time to Interactive

Time to Interactive (TTI) is one of the many metrics tracked by the Performance Scan on both desktop and mobile. Each metric captures a different aspect of your application's performance.

The resulting TTI is shown in milliseconds:

Time to Interactive
desktopNEEDSIMPROVEMENTGOODPOOR4500 ms2468 ms1857 ms
mobileNEEDSIMPROVEMENTGOODPOOR7300 ms3785 ms1857 ms

What does TTI measure?

The TTI measures the time when the page starts loading to when its main sub-resources have loaded and is capable of reliably responding to user input quickly.

To calculate manually calculate the TTI, follow the link below at the bottom of this article.

How can I improve my application's TTI score?

Techniques like server-side rendering (SSR) can lead to scenarios where. a page looks interactive (that is, links and buttons are visible on screen), but it's not actually interactive because the main thread is blocked or because the JavaScript code controlling those elements hasn't loaded.

When users try to interact with a page that looks interactive but isn't, they'll likely respond in one of two ways. Best-case scenario: they'll be annoyed that the page is slow to respond Worst-case scenario: they'll assume the page is broken and will likely leave. They may even lose confidence or trust in the value of your brand. To avoid this problem, make every effort to minimize the difference between FCP and TTI. In cases where a noticeable difference does not exist, make it clear through visual indicators that the components on your page are not yet active.

I would like to learn more

For more info on the TTI metric, you can read this article on https://web.dev.