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Release and deploy cycle

What versions of php, node are supported and what versioning does hipex deploy follow.


The docker tags Hipex deploy is using are devided into 4 parts all seperated by a dash.

  • v<VERSION> The version of the image, following semantic versioning 2.0.0.
  • An optional beta or alpha followed by a dot and a release increment number.
  • PHP version.
  • Node version.


  • hipex deploy 2.5 with php7.4 and node14: hipex/deploy:v2.5.0-php7.4-node14
  • hipex deploy 2.5 beta 3 with php7.3 and node10: hipex/deploy:v2.5.0-beta.3-php7.3-node10

Release cycle

There is no strict release cycle, but we will not delete tags. It is strongly recommended to always depend on a specific version so that your deploy does not unexpectedly breaks.

Supported versions

For support of PHP and Node versions we follow the official supported releases of PHP and Node.