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Add SSL certificate

How to add a SSL certificate at Hipex?

SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate ensures that the data between the browser (you as a user) and the server (the webshop) will be exchanged encrypted.

In this article, we explain the various options Hipex offers.

What certificates does Hipex offer?

Certificate single domain:

When purchasing this certificate you will receive a certificate that is valid for a single domain. This certificate includes both the www and the non-www version of the domain name.

This is a basic certificate and is validated by placing a unique file on the relevant domain.

Wildcard certificate:

When purchasing a wildcard certificate, you purchase it also for a main domain. The big difference is that the certificate is valid for all subdomains of the concerning domain. When we purchase a wildcard for hipex.io, this certificate is not only valid for hipex.io and www.hipex.io, but also for pack.hipex.io and support.hipex.io.

The wildcard is indicated with *.

EV certificaat:

EV stands for Extended Validation. With an EV certificate, your company name will appear in the browser bar. It ensures a reliable appearance and makes it easier for customers to leave their date behind. To receive this certificate you have to fill in and return a document, it is also validated by telephone.

Multi domain certificate:

When you choose for a multi domain certificate, you can include multiple domains and subdomains in one certificate. There are 2 domains included by default, in case you'd like to add an extra domain, you can add it easily.